This sort of thing might be worrisome to some people, but I’m perfectly happy with going along with something before I have a plot for it, and letting the plot reveal itself later. I know quite a few people who use this or similar methods of writing, and while I’m not an advocate for it, since I generally prefer to have as much in mind before I begin, I can’t exactly argue against it. I bring it up ’cause I just found the plot for White Cliff.

I was reading through some articles on the Wizards of the Coast website when I stumbled across the article about The Bramble Queen. I’d had it in mind that a feyliege of one sort or another had their eye on the White Cliff Arcane University, but now I had an enigmatic, evocative character whom to base my “unseen mover and shaker” on. Now I have a theme for all the wild growths that spring up around the university to hinder the characters.

And when I received my order for a lot of 100 “random” miniatures, I just so happened to receive a dozen or so Wrackspawn: ugly creatures of roughly demonic origin. I figured I’d search the Dungeons & Dragons Compendium to see if anything new had been done with Wrackspawn since 3.5, and found several creatures, and a link to a particular issue of the Dungeon e-zine, which detailed an entity called The Crawling King.

So my plot now revolves around these two strange entities and their respective claims on White Cliff University, in a story that amounts to a turf war, with the characters caught in the crossfire. Should be lots of fun to run and play. >:D