I was thinking about what this blog is, how it’s organized, and what it means. What it means to me, what it means to people who read it. Since I set out with only some really vague expectations, I thought it might be a good idea to review some of what I’ve got so far, and figure out if I’ve got a direction yet. I think I do, which is why I mention it.

I notice that I use a weird combination of nouns and verbs to tag my posts, and as I’ve added categories, I like to organize posts by the projects to which they’re related. Coming up with this plan to “do something for a month” has given me ideas about how to make the most of my tags and categories for organization and planning future projects.

My tag cloud has verbs like “writing,” “gaming,” “coding,” “comicking,” “reading,” and “thinking.” What I’m thinking is that I’ll come up with some sort of hierarchy and use that to determine what I want to do to make sure I’m doing enough … different … things. “When was the last time I read for enjoyment?” “Check the blog.” “Oh, it’s been some time, hasn’t it?” My blog’s become like a personal organizer, of sorts.