I’m rather scatter-brained this morning, I think some of it’s come from the fact that I’ve been so busy these last few days, and I know some of it stems from the fact that I haven’t been doing enough handwriting. I think at different speeds, on different wavelengths, when I write by hand and when I type. I thought his might be a good opportunity to mention a project I’m considering for the spring of 2011.

I’ve been fascinated by the idea of the Adventure Path since I first learned of it: an Adventure Path, at least the ones produced by Paizo Publishing for Dungeons & Dragons, anyway, is a series of adventures intended to take roughly a year to progress a team of four adventurers from 1st level to 20th. This was for Third Edition, of course, where 20th level was the highest “normal” level before things got crazy.

When the Dungeon and Dragon magazines were brought in-house, Wizards of the Coast began producing their own Adventure Path called Scales of War. Paizo has continued to produce their own for their in-house system Pathfinder, and I know of at least one other group (EN World) that’s producing an Adventure Path, War of the Burning Sky. Well, I hate to be one of those “me too!” types, but, hell … I want to write one!

I have some ideas in mind, and a slightly different format that appeals to my need for immediacy when it comes to writing and designing. It takes somewhere in the vicinity of three hundred encounters to get a party of Fourth Edition characters from 1st level to 30th, so if I design five encounter clusters per month, organized roughly into adventures, twelve months should just about do it.