I’m not going mad, I swear. I’m trying to fit more in a weekend than there’s time for things. Is this how those rare and elusive “normal” people live? Running around making appointments and things? Meeting friends for snacks and luncheons and movies and dinner parties? Maybe adults do that? Responsible or affluent or socially-inclined individuals. I’ve been trying this adult this for a couple years and this completely blindsided me.

Trying to fit everything in during the day is this crazy thing, and trying two days in a row? My goodness gracious, I feel like I have the energy of two or three people in me, to be managing this. I’m sure there’s some adrenaline involved, or perhaps some Dark Ritual. I can’t find another way to explain where it’s all coming from. There are people, and they want to spend time with me! Me, of all people! How do I say no? :D

I think I must have come out of my hermitage or something, emerged blinking into the daylight and said “Hullo,” because suddenly there were people around me. I don’t want it to stop. So many things to do, so much. I have to — I have to remember to feed and water myself, and get myself to sleep. Sleep important, sleep good. I want to get a lot of sleep tonight, I’ll have had a long, long wondrous weekend to recover from.

edit: What wonders will the week hold, and why am I craving yogurt?