Yesterday, the three hundredth page of Rumors of War went online. It might seem weird for me to think of it this way, but I look on my accomplishment in a sort of “look what I did” way. “I have three hundred pages of my story online, that’s quite a bit longer than most webcomic ever last.” I don’t know how to feel about it.

It seems a little petty to compare myself (or my webcomic) to others, but I’m also not comparing my comic specifically to other comics. I’m not waving my comic in people’s faces and saying “I have more pages than so-and-so.” It isn’t getting rubbed in anyone’s face. I’m excited, and I think of what an achievement it is. It’s probably healthy.

There was no fanfare when the page went up, no pomp or parade. The number of pages, while certainly significant in terms of technical achievement, isn’t all that important to me. I’m more interested in finishing chapters and stories and arcs; introducing new characters, adding new sprites, creating new backgrounds. Stuff that feels difficult. *chuckles*

Also, I’ve spent most of my creative energy this morning focused on the next comic (an addition, not a replacement) that I hope will run alongside Rumors of War. In the weeks ahead, I’ll probably discuss this project a bit more: it may even be my project for January, I haven’t decided yet. Rumors of War is already significant time investment.