Good friend of mine shared this video Thought of You, and I wanted to share it with you, as well. Glancing quickly over the comments attached the video, I want to add an alternate interpretation, since I didn’t find anything particularly sad about what I saw. The song, and the video, seemed reflective, to me. There’s regret, but there’s fondness, not sadness.

I haven’t watched the “Making Of” video, but I’d wager the dance was ballet — and I imagined his dancing representing memories of times they shared. The times when she disappeared and his reaching for her was his struggle to recall events. Their relationship faded and he admits that he didn’t invest as much as he would’ve liked in his dreams, and in her. The world moves on, though, and he’s moved on.

I’m not sure what the last few moments of the video are alluding to, perhaps that she hasn’t fully given up on him, though it’s hard to say because the song is from his point of view. The important thing is that they both enriched each others’ lives, the special thing they had ended, and that they, and the world, have all moved on. I think maybe those last few moments lend an Or Is It? feel, to leave the audience with questions.