Last night we were asked to describe the physical appearance of our characters for the scenario we’re playing in Changeling the Lost. With some help from the others, I figure that my character looks like “one of those actresses” out of a black and white film. Somewhere in the vicinity of a young Bette Davis or Joan Crawford. Her Seeming does, anyway. Being a “leechfinger” kith lends her natural appearance… something else.

So, last night out little posse staked out a mall where we’d heard about some fey-like shenanigans had been going down: people lost in a fugue, unable to find their way out of the mall, toys attacking people, all those sorts of things. The lot of them centered around the “Santa Land” setup in the center of the mall.

Staking the place out, we spotted Santa handing over a bag of goodies to a “snowskin” kith changeling, and we split into two groups — one to follow Santa and one to follow the changeling called “Jack.” When our team failed to follow him stealthily, we decided to jump him outside a train station and take the “bag of goodies” Santa had given him. Meanwhile, the other group had little success with the mortal “Santa.”

Between my character “Florence,” Megan’s character “Guest Book,” and (I’ve forgotten his name again) “Gabe,” we managed to avoid both the police and get away with whatever Jack had been carrying with him. When the police showed up to break up the fight, I spun a story (with some help from the group) about how he was an ex-boyfriend who was trying to get “the ring” back from me. Gabe was my “brother,” who’d lept to my defense.