I definitely have a soft spot for the episodes that revolve around Baloo and treasure-hunting. I love how this episode begins with Baloo doing some bargain-hunting at a bizarre little shack on top of a mountain. A wonderful little set piece that will probably never be seen again. The air pirate cronies show off some truly ridiculous flying and manage to both land and take off again with no time needed for repairs. Priceless.

Kit finds a wise-cracking bird that knows where a priceless treasure can be found, and for some reason Baloo and the bird instantly hate each other. Actually, it isn’t that difficult to imagine, what with Baloo being such an easy character to detest to begin with. I sort of imagine my character Nenshe having a number of Baloo’s reckless and impulsive behavior (not to mention his general lack of wisdom) with none of his redeeming qualities.

Right, anyway, the pirates are after the bird because the bird is a living treasure map. There are some shenanigans in getting to the treasure, we have an abbreviated dungeon crawl following a weird little double-double-cross in the woods, and there are some moments of “no one gets left behind, not even for treasure.” Naturally, Baloo and Kit end up no richer than they were before, but Baloo pays Becky back. Huzzah.