Oh, gag me. I understand some of the appeal of the romantic elements of this story, if only because it’s nice to see something fall into Rebecca’s lap, what with her being a single mom and all, but it’s an awful, fakey romance, and when things start going bad for Rebecca’s romance, she blames Molly for screwing things up. Right, wonderful, this is turning into another child abuse/negligence episode.

The villain Covington (who barely makes the “villain,” at that) is somehow charming to Rebecca, while being completely transparent in motivation and whatnot to everyone else, and ridiculously incompetent. The two badger-goons interested me, but I doubt they ever show up again, even as hired stooges. Oh well. The repeated kicking in the shins was comical, in the same way that characters getting their fingers caught in a rat trap is hilarious — I mean, not, really. Villain or no, that kind of thing hurts.

The dungeon/cave exploration thing at the end was a disappointment, and the resolution of the kidnapping and/or treasure-napping at the end of the episode was a boring display of villain incompetence. I also happened to watch this episode twice, for no particular reason, which only doubled my vague irritation. Now, I don’t hate the episode, I just wasn’t exactly thrilled by it, and I’m certainly not going to put it on my Top 10 list.