I wanted to make a joke in the title based on Ramming Always Works, and it occurred to me that “spamming speed” doesn’t sound a thing like “ramming speed,” so rather than go with that, I made it into a spoonerism to get some sort of joke across. I think it worked out well enough, and the title itself sounds … titillating. That’s just a taste of how complex some of my jokes can be! All ’cause I got bombarded with comment spam.

I’ve come close, a couple times, to “approving” some spam comments but they usually make a gross error that proves to be their undoing: they spam it. So, I mentioned I was getting all these referrals from websites like “chocolate,” “strawberry,” “cheese,” and “nuts” and this morning I got eight comments across a handful of posts. When I realized that the wording on two pairs of comments were identical, I deleted the lot.

I did actually get one “helpful” piece of spam that suggested I add a FaceBook button to my blog. Hell, it might’ve even been a real person, but I didn’t trust the website to the bank/loan/credit/debt relief company they had as their link. Hrmph. I want a way to allow people to comment freely and carry on conversations without waiting for me to approve their comments. I mean, “approved” people can post at will…

…Another spammer wanted posting access to contribute. That one threw me for a loop. Of course, it had to be spam, no one comes to mind when I try to think of people who’ve indicated an interest in contributing to the blog. Just the spammer. *chuckles*