There are going to be some noticeable slowdowns in my posting over the next couple days. It’s just this annual celebration thing that people insist on, with this ritual harvesting of trees and gift-giving and general merry-making. I’m going to be spending the holiday with cookiemonger and her family and while I will invariably have Internet access, I may be … shall we say, disinclined to update regularly over the next few days.

I’ll do what I can tonight and tomorrow morning to make sure something goes online. There will be a new comic page on Christmas Day and everything. The comic updates daily, after all, though sadly there are no Christmas goodies this year. In the future, I’d like to do something to recognize the holidays, but this year is mostly about getting through the year. Once we’ve got a solid archive for people to trawl, we can do fun stuff for the holidays.

edit: by the way, the Christmas evening post will be our 400th blog post.