Some readers may know that my laptop has a name (the machine that sees all my comic work) and that name is Thanatos, the personification of death. Well, just yesterday, it gave me a real scare. AVG, which has long been an inexpensive anti-virus, performed an update that resulted in my very first Windows 7 Blue Screen of Death. I got this while I was on my way out the door to Costco — a bad, bad omen.

So, it gives me this option: “Restore from previous backup? Personal data will not be changed but some applications may not be installed. This process cannot be reversed.” Like any piece of software giving a message like that could ever be contrived as good. It didn’t even bother trying to reassure me, Windows made vague remarks about “if the restoration is successful, blah blah … otherwise it still won’t work.”

I wouldn’t say that my struggle with the computer was epic or anything. I got the Blue Screen of Death at least twice before AVG gave up trying to run its evil update of crash-Windows-7 doom. It may not have liked how I didn’t want to restore the system, what with all its whining (I was given no other choice, really, and eventually gave in) but I was able to forcibly shut it down once for good measure.

Thanatos is now chugging along merrily and a year before its first Blue Screen of Death is really pretty good for a Windows machine, I think. I’m even pretty sure that it was AVG’s fault and not mine. I’m pretty semi-notorious for being hard on my computers in the past, but I’ve always been gentle with Thanatos.