I had a great quote last night with my wizard/cleric character Allandra:

“Get off my plane.” –Allandra, using her 9th-level Dismissal power

The Dismissal power allows my character to banish a single enemy from the playing field for at least one turn (until they succeed on a saving throw), and once they return, they’re dazed for a round by the ordeal. I’ve used the power three times since I acquired it, and only twice to great success. Normally it remains an unused part of my power complement, ’cause I save it for boss-like monsters.

Last night, our party encountered a room full of nasty undead creatures being led by a strange, robed skeleton that seemed able to permanently sustain its fellows with magic. Of course, my first action of the encounter was to target the leader and banish him to an extradimensional prison. It’s the second time I’ve managed to royally screw up our enemy’s plans by ejecting their leader from combat.

Anyway, the line is a reference to the film Air Force One, starring Harrison Ford as the President of the United States, who utters the line before punching the leader of the terrorists, knocking him off the back of his airplane in the climax. I don’t remember how the terrorists managed to hijack Air Force One, but Harrison Ford took it back himself.

The line seemed appropriate, given the nature of the pun.