Hm. I’m looking at what I have to work on right now and I think it’s overwhelming but for some odd reason it hasn’t gotten to me yet. I have things to read, things to write, things to plan, and they all have their own time and place to be done. I have laundry to wash, as well. And somehow, I’m not worried. This weekend wasn’t just a weekend, when I tend to relax and have fun (with stress reduced to background noise) but it was a holiday as well.

So, I’ve got a couple days’ worth of entries to catch up on, which in years past would trigger panic in me. I remember I would fall behind in classwork and I’d feel everything pile up because I hadn’t learned how to prioritize work and get it done. I don’t know what’s changed but I seem to get things done now. Before, though, I’d have homework, classwork, and projects from a half-dozen classes pile up. And stress.

I know I need to jot notes in my notebook. When I talked about the comic with cookiemonger yesterday, I watched as parts of Chapter 21 materialize in my head. It’s cool, I’ve seen it happen before, and this time it was a few minutes of chatting that helped it along. Once I’ve had the chance to get some of the ideas on paper, I’ll see if I can turn them into a coherent script, and then get caught up on the blog.