This weekend has the potential to be full, very full. First of all, I may be hosting my cousin and one of his friends/cousins Saturday morning, and then getting on towards the evening, I have our company party. I’ll be going with cookiemonger, and that fills me with copious amounts of SQUEE. I don’t know that I have much else going on the rest of the day. In fact, if my plans fall through with my cousin, I might not have much to do.

That means I ought to plan to write, and spend most of the day working on the blog and comic. It’s my goal, after all, to have the entire Chapter 19 scripted by the end of tomorrow, and built by the end of Monday, don’cha know. Part of my thinking here is that if I create a separate deadline mentality, one that doesn’t look to when the comic goes online, but rather when I say it needs to be done, I can alter my habits.

Sunday is a day that’s somewhat up-for-grabs at the moment, and largely relies on some of what happens Saturday to determine. Needless to say, I’m going to try to have blogs updated regularly and all that, and have Chapter 19 ready to go as soon as possible. Hopefully I’ll have it done to an extent that I need only build several pages at a time in bursts over the course of few, relatively short sittings.