With any luck, tonight I’m off to spend time with cookiemonger and her family for some quality gaming. Plans have been a little hasty, but it seems to me like Friday night may be “our” night for things, since she doesn’t work Friday night (part of her “weekend”). The little bit we talked about, I suggested bringing along my copy of Arkham Horror for her and her brothers to enjoy.

It’s suitably Cthulhu-themed, and it’s a bit of a board game and a bit of an adventure/roleplaying game. Speaking of adventures and roleplaying games, of course, there was this thing we were talking about (maybe!) for January, should there be enough consenting voices — and it’s a late-night Friday Dungeons & Dragons game. Cookiemonger has more than expressed an interest, and let’s face it — it’s fun!

I was trying to think of something that might be appropriately awesome to do for a group of new players, and not surprisingly, a conversation we’d had before popped up in the back of my mind and shouted “Diablo 2!” I’m trying to think if there’s anything more awesome than having a visual aid to show your players on DVD. “Here’s the introduction to the game,” I say as I pop in my Collector’s Edition DVD of the game’s cinematics.

Anyway, the weekend will be full of gaming of one sort or another, that much we can be sure of. Where they are, and what sort of games will be taking place is another matter entirely. Still, I think this weekend will prove to be quite enjoyable on multiple levels.