I wanted to work on the next “FaceBook Status 2010” post first, but this one needed to be said: I’m exhausted today. Well, I’m exhausted this morning (as I write this) but seeing as my exhaustion is based on the fact that I got only three hours of sleep last night, I don’t really think the tiredness is going to go away over the course of the day.

Still, it’s important that I get some stuff done this weekend, what with me being on this project-movement thing for building my comic’s page buffer. Tonight (at some point, however briefly, so as not to interfere with my other plans!) I need to call around and find out if we’re meeting for D&D tomorrow night, and make any necessary apologies…

I have a script to write, and I’m thinking that I’ll aim for a night of good sleep tonight (I don’t see why not) and then get to work on it first thing tomorrow morning. I have a rehearsal Sunday afternoon, but beside that, I don’t have much else that needs to be done this weekend. Which means ample time for comicking!

Let me think, there’s something I must be missing. One thing in the evening Saturday, one thing in the afternoon Sunday, and plenty of time in between to comick. No, I think that’s about right. I mean, there’s room for some other stuff, but it sounds like an otherwise relaxing weekend, with only two things. Wow, this last week has been intense!