I saw read this article and thought: “oh yeah, that happened earlier this year, didn’t it?” I remember Jon Stewart and the “Strife Aquatic” segment, which kept me updated on the day-to-day mismanaging of the relief efforts. Now, when I began reading the article, I had this awful feeling of “oh, we haven’t learned anything, have we?” which gradually gave way to another, slightly more optimistic feeling.

The United States of America is a funny, funny place. As I read the article, I got the distinct impression that the reporter was using “CEO” to refer to our president, and I finally “got the joke.” That joke that’s been floating around forever about a country that is one big corporation. I finally understood “The Incorporated States of AmeriCo LLC.” I cringed, it’s a bad joke. And even after that, I felt a little better.

There’s this pervasive attitude of “it’ll be ready when it’s finished.” As a country, we’re fully capable of Getting It Done. There just has to be a need. We can mobilize our entire populace, as we’ve demonstrated time and time again, and everyone has an idea of how to fix the problems. We’ve wanted to free ourselves of so many problems, dependencies, and undue responsibilities for ages, and we will. When we’re bloody well ready to.

Unflagging optimism and innovation, innovation, innovation. I know lots of very strange people, with some very strange ideas, and I know that there are a lot more of them out there. All over the place. I know that there are enough of them out there to “get the job done.” And they’ll do it when they’re ready so bugger off and stop asking.