Well, I just barely made my first goal. I finished the script for Chapter 19 about fifteen minutes before the stroke of midnight. Not bad, I’d say, though I’m less than proud of myself. I’m writing this now, about five ’til midnight, about tomorrow, which is weird, considering this won’t be read for another twenty-odd hours. Thoughts of sleep are fast approaching, and I know I have a little bit more I have to do.

Of course, I have to make a couple pages of the comic, to make sure there are enough for Sunday and Monday: this weekend will be full of great, outside-of-where-I-live-and-spend-large-amounts-of-time. I’ll be out, spending time with dear friends, catching up, strengthening bonds, and whatnot. Funny, when this goes live, I’ll likely be at a party, or perhaps just leaving it. Either way, I’ll be out socializing this weekend.

I was reminded of a “personal adage” of mine in a phone conversation with cookiemonger earlier this evening, regarding sleep and the passage of time:

“I don’t care what time it is, it isn’t tomorrow until I go to sleep today.”

You can tell I’m really having fun with those block quotes lately. Any excuse I have to put something I’ve said in block quotes, yeah, I’m there. Well, as I need to get enough sleep that I can get up at reasonable hour tomorrow morning (which is actually earlier “today” on the day that this posts, though technically later “today,” since it’s after midnight), shower, and get out the door … I have a whole day ahead of me. Behind me. Around.