The title of this post is “Not Saying the R-Word,” which in this case is Responsibility, and I’m not really going to not say it, I just felt I needed a clever title and it was the first thing that came to mind. Well, even though I needed to call all the guys from my D&D game to apologize for my flakiness, I didn’t actually get around to it until yesterday morning. In the process, I found out a bit about what happened in the game, as well.

It also happened to be the birthday of one of our players, and there seemed to be some festivities planned — as I called around, though, it seemed that no one knew what the festivities were or who was planning them, or even that they were occurring. I saw in that a chance to perhaps redeem myself, by taking charge and bringing to bear all my planning-ness. I called around and learned what people were up to, where and when.

Though, as I was calling around and putting pieces into place, it occurred to me that what I was doing was unnecessary. While I felt responsible, my weakness had been slight — I had likely offended myself more than anyone else, and while that wasn’t going to stop me from calling around and reminding them that I was alive and I was going to be at the game, and that I was sorry, this wasn’t my job. The party would happen without me.

Despite my rush to prove myself (to myself) I’d forgotten that I had other things that needed doing. But I figured it out before I got anyone involved in anything that didn’t need doing, and we all got cake out of the deal. Might not have had that if I hadn’t been bustling about like a bloody idiot, but it was lovely evening and we all had a good time. And that’s all it really is what about, innit? I’m a great, big ninny.