edit: This entry is backdated, and was written around 6 PM on the 12th.

This entry previously served as a placeholder while I scrambled to write the other entries for today (and one for last night). I’ve decided to re-purpose it to serve as a reminder, maybe a promise, that I’ll continue to work on myself, that I’ll continue to work on my projects, that I’ll continue to be. Part of a letter I wrote to cookiemonger, which I vaguely alluded to, discussed my responsibility to myself as a means of respecting others.

Part of my responsibility to myself isn’t just maintaining the discipline for the daily grind — wake up, shower, brush teeth, go to work, eat lunch, exercise — it’s about seeking creative fulfillment and pursuing my dreams. I still don’t know what I want to do with myself, though I catch glimpses here and there. I have these half-baked ideas, and I swear I was there when they were made, but I’ll be surprised by what comes out of the oven.

Writing is important to me: the comic and the blog are both creative outlets in this regard. The blog keeps me writing, keeps me thinking, keeps me reading. The comic keeps me researching, keeps me thinking, keeps me designing. There’s thinking as a common motivator in both of those activities — it’s what I look for in my creative endeavors. And it’s so important to me: it’s what I’m here to pledge myself to.

I will slip up, stumble, and occasionally fall. I will call attention to it and laugh at myself. I will get back up and keep going, because that’s what I do. I will keep going. I will keep comicking, I will keep blogging, I will keep writing, and I will keep thinking. And it will be AMAZING.