…And I don’t mean that only in the literal sense. Nenshe is a complicated case. First of all, the character Nenshe as he appears in the comic is, like most of the other characters, an amalgam of several different influences. He’s originally inspired by a bard character I played in a Dungeons & Dragons a couple years back, and some of the “less desirable” traits of a good friend’s rogue character.

Nenshe is a scoundrel, through and through, and my notes have him listed as “subversion of Lovable Rogue.” For Tropers, this should be more or less understandable as-is, but to avoid uncertainty on the subject, I’ll try and put more thought into this description: Nenshe, as a character, is intended to be a manipulative jerkface. He isn’t supposed to have any redeeming features, and certainly no intentionally awesome moments.

He’s sort of an experiment in creating and maintaining a generally unremarkable, genuinely irredeemable asshole. I don’t want to make a character who’s adored by fans, but I realize that it’s often a side effect of certain kinds of attitude and behavior, and I’m certainly not going to fight against it. Maybe I can find the right combination of Knight in Sour Armor and Iron Woobie to make “just” a jerk, and nothing else. *snerk*