Part of this blog is writing about what I’m thinking, and I’d be lying if I were to say I haven’t been thinking about marriage lately. I’ve scribbled some words in my notebook, and I think it’s probably about time I shared some of them here. I see a wedding as a ritual and a marriage as a symbol of a promise made between two (or maybe more?) people. I think the important part is the promise, not the parties involved.

The promise is typically one of mutual beneficence. At least two people make a promise to be something for each other, and there are as many promises as there are combinations of two or more people in the world. Promises are promises, after all, and the power is in the promise, period. A wedding is a ritual that says “this is for real, folks!” and a marriage is the daily reminder of the promise.

Marriages may be temporary or eternal. They may be for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, familial — or one or any number of other — wants or needs, which may be one-sided, mutual, and/or unnecessary or unimportant as to be left out of a particular marriage. Of course, this leaves the glaring question of what kind of marriage I want for myself. Do I even want a marriage? Generally speaking, yes.