I just got back from seeing Tangled with my mum, and I had a wonderful time. I actually … I kind of cried. Sometimes I get misty-eyed during movies, lately with movies like Toy Story 3, though I think I was more disappointed with that one on the whole, and Wall-E, which, if not for the a lack of a concurrent love life, might very well have left me bawling my eyes out. With Tangled, I think if I saw it with a certain someone…

I think the songs were by and large forgettable and the plot was predictable in the way that most Disney/Pixar movies tend to be: you make a deal with yourself going into it that you’ll be surprised no matter how easily you spot the foreshadowing, and the movie promises not to be in-your-face and/or pretentious.

I loved Tangled, and I recommend it to anyone: the trailers sold it as an animated romantic comedy-ish that can be enjoyed by persons of all ages, and it delivered in full, on time. The set pieces were beautiful, the characters all well-imagined and characterized, and I think those were the main selling points of the film. (As opposed to the musical aspect.) It isn’t Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, or The Lion King.

And for me, it doesn’t need to be. The film touched me, and that’s more than I normally ask for from a movie. Even a Disney/Pixar film, where the cynic/pragmatist (multiclass philosopher) in me is usually looking for entertainment first, and meaningful emotional evocation second. See the movie, or don’t. I liked it. :)