It took me years to watch the entirety of the movie Meet Joe Black. I have a copy of the this movie guide for movies from everything up to about 2003 or so, and I think it was while randomly leafing through the guide that I found an entry for Death Takes A Holiday, of which Meet Joe Black is a remake. Of course, I’ve always had that fascination with dying and death, and I was drawn to the film.

I caught snippets of the movie over the years and finally watched it, maybe, early this year, or perhaps late last year, I don’t remember exactly when. It’s a very slow movie with some fascinating character moments. It’s very conscious of itself, I think, and it’s both respectful of its content and the context in which it’s presented. I think there’s a mood you need in order to watch it properly.

The movie contains one of the most beautiful and touching love scenes I’ve ever scene on film. There’s a tremendous focus on the presence of the characters, the awkwardness of the action, and the beauty of the whole thing.

I don’t know, it’s the sort of movie I’d want to show my children if they were curious about death. And love. I might be worried about pacing, and whether kids would be able to sit through a three-hour movie, but maybe they could take activity breaks between acts of the movie? It’d be an interesting experiment, and I’d love to observe the results and hear what the kids had to say about the movie.