Saturday’s activities included my first experience with RiffTrax. The movie I watched with cookiemonger and family was Eclipse, the latest release in the Twilight Travesty. I mean Trilogy. I refuse to call it a Saga, no matter how it’s referred to, because “Saga” implies Icelandic badassery that includes gods, monsters, and several generations of heroes, and there is little to none of that to be had in the Twilighty.

We had some minor technical difficulties getting the RiffTrax to sync up to the movie, but I imagine that’s probably about normal. We tried putting both on the same screen (laptop on a chair for the four of us to crowd around) but the DVD skipped and need to be synced up again. We finally settled for the movie on a TV with the RiffTrax on the laptop, which made the Riff-dudes sound like they were in the room with us. Awesome.

Once we got the timing right, the snarky comments we got from RiffTrax eased the ingestion of the Eclipse bile. I haven’t read the books, so I won’t comment on them — the movies are tripe. Of course, cookiemonger insisted I was being too kind to call it tripe, and I worked my way through some synonyms with no success, which I think means we have to default to “indescribably bad.”

Not to be confused with the indescribable entities like Cthulhu, who I might add would’ve made the movie much more enjoyable. I can just picture his undulating bulk emerging from that stupid lake, quickly overtaking the army of stupid, newbie vampires, and making short order of the cast. I find the addition of Cthulhu can make almost anything bad unpronounceably better. You get fun expressions like “…” and “!” ^_^