I’ve talked a bit about two one of the other protagonists of Rumors of War, Elysia and Nenshe (di — wrong Nenshe), and I think it’s time to talk about the other characters that make up the main cast: Occela and Illyra. When I set out to create the story, I’d already pretty-well established three of the characters: Elysia, Obadai, and Nenshe.

Illyra and Occela, on the other hand, were a conflagration of notes. Yes, “a large destructive fire” of notes. In the sense that the two characters had the opportunity to destroy everything with their incompleteness. Like, with fire and burning and destruction. I probably didn’t need to worry so much, since they established themselves easily enough.

Occela was a character who didn’t have a “real” character as a primary basis. I’ve wanted to play a weird, aloof character before, connected to spirits and the ethereal world and everything, but I hadn’t had the opportunity to build and play one, so I started with an extensive background. (Which may never even come to light!)

Months of playing my wizard/cleric Allandra, however, gave me what I needed. Both characters are world-weary, having lived a great deal in their relatively short life spans, and are quite cynical. Both characters have had quite a bit of their lives “thrust upon them” against their will, and have adapted so as to survive.

Both women have unflagging optimism, regard the lives of their friends and companions as precious, and strive always to better themselves and those around them. Their main differences come in how they arrived at their respective positions: Allandra has been alive for over eighty years and Occela was irreparably insane for a while. She got better. :)