Though I’ve had the thought cross my mind a couple times, it didn’t seem important enough to bring up before. I’m not even sure it’s important enough to bring up now, but I need to write something for this evening, and the topic was … uncomplicated, so as to be easy to write. I’m fully conscious and aware of how tired, cranky, and lazy I feel, so the thought of easy writing (in any context) is a major plus for me.

I don’t have any particular pattern or device in mind when I design the characters’ appearances in Rumors of War. I’ve made a couple conscious decisions here and there but mostly I’m interested in a visually diverse cast. I think things have improved since I started … sort of, at least. I remember when I realized I wanted to try for “curly hair” for Lumino and Thiago. It seemed natural, and it turned out just fine for me.

Of course I’m still not happy with the way that all the characters look. I want to go back and fix some of the character designs, revise or update them, you know, lots of things. It would be cool to go back to revise and add new poses to the characters. I still have a lot to do before the characters that appear in the story look just right. I remember the great variety in the cast of Nickelodeon’s Doug, and I’d like to aim for a similar effect.