If only because I’m mildly obsessive about where my site traffic comes from, I check into the websites that send traffic my way, and (try to, anyway) send traffic back their way whenever possible. Like, there’s this one guy on LiveJournal who mentioned my website, and I’ve gotten a handful of referrals through him, and I keep meaning to write something to send people back his way.

Like what I’ve just done here. That was dashed clever of me, eh? (If I remember correctly, he tagged me as a “random link of the day,” which means I’ve linked him back in similar fashion, huzzah!) He’s got a blog that mostly seems to be about TaleSpin, which is to say I’ve only checked it a couple times. Still, a person who links to me is worth linking back!

If only it were that simple … of course, I’ve gotten a number of very strange referrals lately, from websites like cheese.com, chocolate.com, nuts.com, and candy.com. I don’t know for the life of me why. I’ve visited a couple of them, and they seem to be … well, about cheese, chocolate, nuts, and candy, but I don’t know how I got people from them.

I also seem to have gotten listed through WordPress somehow (probably because we use WordPress here) because I’ve started to get a bunch of referrals through WordPress. I like more website visits, they make me happy. I should probably go and put my page up on some of those webcomic listing sites, but I tried one a few months back and it was a headache. I wonder if I could get someone to do it for me. >_>