While on the Brilliant Gameologist forums this morning, which I only visit from time to time these days, someone commented that Fourth Edition was like a mixture of Diablo and WoW (which makes me wonder if they’ve played any of the games they’ve mentioned) and I came back with a comparison that I felt really proud of, which I’d like to share here:

Fourth Edition is to Third Edition as Windows XP is to Windows ’98. Sure, Four-E has rounded corners if you simply must complain about something, but it took years for Third-Ed to be patched to the system it was always supposed to be, and Four-E is still a better gaming platform.

I amuse myself and pride myself on little things like this. They make me feel so clever. Not sure if it’s something I really ought to be proud of, but it sounded good to me at the time. It would be awesome if it wound up in someone’s signature on a forum. Preferably in the signature of someone I know, but I’m not picky. Not very picky, anyway.

It isn’t a perfect analogy. You have to be familiar with both Windows operating systems I mention, or both gaming systems I mention in order for it to make sense and/or be funny … at least I think. I don’t know, I might’ve actually made it fairly easy for someone who doesn’t understand much about anything I mention to at least laugh at it.

Maybe it’s an analogy that gets better the more you know. *shrug*