So, I’m helping the Changeling design a Changeling the Dreaming adventure, and I’m reading through her notes and I’m utterly baffled. I can’t make heads or tails of some of these things because they simply aren’t described in the text, so I’m using Google as my guide. Well, in the process, I came across this wonderful website of Changeling goodness: Beautiful Madness. I’ve only just started looking over it but it’s been very helpful so far.

I’ve specifically linked to the “Character Creation” part of the website because that’s where I found the most information: in particular, Seemings & Kiths — Beasts, Darklings, Elementals, Fairest, Ogres, and Wizened, — and the Courts and Orders, … who am I kidding, the whole section on character creation has tons of helpful information for the hasn’t-dipped-his-toe-in-the-game-in-years person like me.

If you like White Wolf, Changeling, fairies, gaming, or just reading in general, you’ll probably get a kick out of this site. There’s lots of stuff to amuse you if you’re willing to sift through it and don’t mind the white-on-black text format (my eyes start to bug me after a little while, honestly). I’ll probably be poring over this for a good chunk of the day while I try to figure out what I’m doing and how I can help.