My post about the Open School System from the other day garnered a little unexpected attention, and led me to a fascinating body of work by writer, teacher, and unschooling advocate Sandra Dodd (she’s in Wikipedia!), which can be found over at her website Radical Unschooling. This appeals to me, what with me being RARG about public school. I think a lot of my best friends were in similar positions, as well.

I’ve glanced over the page, and I haven’t read anything in any terrible amount of depth, but among the first topics I clicked through were “chores,” “spirituality,” “video games,” and “toy guns, violence.” It was that last topic that grabbed my attention most, and brought to the forefront of my mind some thoughts that have been kicking around lately.

I don’t like guns and I’m still fascinated by them. I own a small NERF revolver-ish thing that I like to pick up and shoot at a wall because it’s neat. I hate guns. And I like video games like Fallout, Halo, and Half-Life 2. They’re powerful, dangerous things, and they’re also a big part of the world we live in. I know I’m afraid of them, but I don’t think it’s my fear, I think it’s an inherited fear, passed down to me by my parents.

I went to a gun show about a year after moving to Salt Lake, with a girl I had a crush on. She was shopping for a gun and I was scared stupid. And then I saw the people at the gun show and realized that I might as well have been at an anime or gaming convention. These people were nerds. They were gun geeks. There was no difference between them and me at all … I wonder what else I have to learn?