I have cookiemonger to thank for this link: a generator site I found on her blog called Chaotic Shiny. The site itself is organized in a manner similar to Seventh Sanctum, what with the list of generators on the left and the body of the site containing the generators themselves. Speaking of Seventh Sanctum, I suppose while I’m poking around, I really ought to see what new generators they have.

What I found when I went to Chaotic Shiny, is right away, the site seems geared not just towards gamers, but players and GMs of Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons, which is pretty cool — just check out this nearly complete random character generator, which does stats and background and everything. There’s also this wicked-cool Random Zombie Generator, which spits out a quick description of a zombie.

Some other things that caught my eye were their city map generator, which gives a basic outline of a small town or city, organized by districts, a whole civilization generator, which gives you magic, religion, technology, culture, economy, and ecology, and their faction generator, which spits out basic leadership info, membership and joining requirements, and an initial contact. All in all, a very cool site.

I think what impresses me most about the site, beyond their random potion generator, of course, is how it adds in odd little details that seem inconsequential, but provide an extra little bit of character that I haven’t seen in other generator sites. I heartily recommend this site, not just for good old time-wasting, not just for people who are totally out of ideas, but also for people looking to develop something they already have.

The site might think of something you didn’t!