I’m out of it this morning and I don’t know what’s causing it. I realized when I spoke to cookiemonger on the phone this morning that part of my funk comes from the disruption of my routine. There was the whole “day off” thing on Friday, which means I didn’t just miss my afternoon workout, it meant I didn’t walk to the train stop (one of my usual think-y times), nor did I ride the train (one of my usual writer-y times).

Not until this morning did I have a chance to do both of these things again (I plan to work out on my lunch break, as well). My body’s missing the quiet time, the writing time, and the endorphins. *nods head vigorously* There are other things going on as well: as the title of this entry suggests, I didn’t get my weekly D&D fix, which makes me grouchy. I don’t know if it’s D&D-specific, or if it’s just the social gaming thing. *shrug*

Anyway, I’ve had a good deal of time to write this morning, get some of my thoughts in order, and I have some ideas about how to “repair” my mood. I’ve some cool ideas for implementing a modified version of the nWoD (New World of Darkness) morality system that’s more objective and hopefully, more useful than other systems. It has me all excited about stuff, and that excitement will help me along. :)