I decided to take a Write or Die session to assemble some thoughts about the last year’s worth of comic and what I’m going to do about next year. The session was pretty successful, and I got some important thoughts down, which are now tucked away as a draft somewhere in the blog’s “drafts.” Though writing them once may have been enough.

(di — tried to stick the cute Write or Die box with my word count and how long it took me to write. After wrestling with it for a few minutes, I decided it wasn’t worth it)

With my decision to hold off on Gaia’s Revenge for another year, it occurred to me the time was ideal to decide what plot threads would be wrapped up in the current story arc (and the first arc of next year). I came up with a couple more fun twists and turns for the arc. I have plot bunnies to feed, after all.

I’m still trying to figure out how to work some short stories into the mix, ’cause there’re some parts of the story I’d just prefer to have in text. There are some distinct limitations with the medium I chose, after all. Just looking at it … next year is going to be … busy. *boggles* So much to do, so much… back to writing!