I haven’t talked about Magic: the Gathering much, that I can recall. I thought I’d just slip in a tidbit here, since I happened across this article while taking a blog-walk: it’s called “Hate Is Enough” and it’s about the differences that exist between the different colors of Magic, set to a jaunty tune. Each color is paired up with one of its two enemies (in order) and they’re cross-examined.

The article starts off really strong with Black and its enemies, and gets flippant the moment it’s moved beyond Black, almost as though the writer had gotten bored now that he wasn’t talking about his favorite anymore. I think of the colors described, Red is probably the most disappointing, if only because every comparison amounts to “smash, kill, destroy.” I think that’s always been one of Red’s problems, actually.

Speaking of Red, I have this thought, I don’t know if it currently exists as a game mechanic: what if Red had an ability like “What Doesn’t Kill Me…” that allows a Red creature to recover its full Toughness if it isn’t destroyed outright by an attack? In other words, Red becomes immune to “poking” by whittling down its Toughness and then … what’s the term … “Timming?” The Prodigal Sorcerer’s primary function.

Now, I’ll admit that the article was written eight years ago, I’m sure they’ve gotten better since then. Well, probably. Maybe? I don’t know, who out there is playing Magic right now and thinks that Red is “where the party’s at?” Is it all that it’s cracked up to be? I think thematically, it’s probably one of the weaker colors, and I think Blue (and White, to a lesser extent) suffer a bit of an identity crisis for it. When you consider how the colors are defined primarily by their differences.