During the existential fugue of mine that spanned the time between the end of Third Edition Dungeons & Dragons and the time I picked up Fourth Edition, my home and place of comfort was the Brilliant Gameologist forum. There, I found all manner of people who had been “put out” by Fourth Edition following the sudden and not-entirely-unexpected plug-pulling on Third Edition.

The forum hosts a great deal of refugees from places like the the Giant in the Playground forum gulags, the rehabilitation centers of Wizards of the Coast, and the death camps of Paizo Publishing. It’s a place where the intellectually put-upon gamers can go to bemoan the changing of the times and generally be nice to each other in an Internet full of psychotic whack-jobs and, for lack of a better word … Nazis.

There’s a podcast, too, but I never went there for the podcast. And despite the dramatic statements in the paragraph above, the people there (myself included) share only passing animosity towards all the parties involved (though animosity can pass like a blood great kidney stone sometimes). It’s a place where smart gamers congregate to complain about stupid gamers and commiserate.

Everyone there is nice. Yeah, there’s a lot of whinging going on (thank you for a wonderful Briticism, cookiemonger!) but it’s cathartic, and I’m going to say again that everyone there is nice. (Some are nicer than others, of course, but the majority are world-weary with the horrors of gaming fandom and understanding toward others with such experiences.) If you have gaming woes to bemoan, you could do far worse than the Brilliant Gameologist forums. (They have a podcast, too!)