Cookiemonger posted more fan art for Rumors of War! I’m so excited! This has busts of Elysia, Lumino, and Julian, which makes me feel all kind of fuzzy. In particular, I’m happy to see Elysia showing a bit more color in her cheeks: I look at her sprite sometimes and honestly say to myself things like “Damn, that girl is white.” I may have to petition cookiemonger to come up with the character palettes I use in the future.

Seeing fan art of the characters like this makes me want to write and portray some awesome, fantastic fight scenes — something more interesting than, well … something that can be rendered awesomely. I guess it’s my fault that all the drama of the conflict so far seems to be in characters squawking and posturing at each other, with some occasional numbers thrown in for a semblance of … effect.

It may be well past time that I release some stats for the characters, but I don’t know. I certainly need to update the cast page, it’s fallen a bit behind, and I think the characters need to be organized in order of relevance. Maybe just with notes as to what part of the story they came in. Oh! How cool would it be to have fan-contributed work on the cast page! The sprite would have to be there too, but I was just thinking… >:D