Yesterday I made the decision to not go to Dundracon next year, which caused me some grief. Really, it’s a wonderful convention and I’d go every year (hell, I’d go multiple times per year, it’s my favorite convention). When I looked at airline prices again, I noticed that the price had jumped twenty dollars per ticket since I got my first quote on the 8th.

It was then that I realized that I wasn’t willing to spend three hundred dollars per plane ticket (thinking of taking one or two people with me) — even if everyone were to cover their own ticket, it’s a lot to ask for someone to pay, especially when I was the only person who’d even been before. In past years, I’ve paid half as much for those same tickets.

That was the first of three easy decisions I made. The second decision I made (going in chronological order) was that I won’t begin Gaia’s Revenge this next year, and that led to a sudden and practical decision: I’m absolutely going to continue Rumors of War for a second year. It made the decision so much easier to make. I’ll have a whole year.

I’m going to make 2011 a year — not just for continuing the Rumors of War comic — but for advancing it as an art, if I can. Making the most of it I can. Mastering it. Whenever and wherever necessary, I plan to “remaster” previous pages and chapters. There are a couple tweaks I’d like to make, though they may prove ultimately unnecessary.