I’ve been so terribly irresponsible the last two weeks, casting aside premade plans with some to make last-minute plans with others. There are phone calls I need to make, people I need to apologize to. I ought to start on that tonight. And tonight, more obligations. Not bad ones, mind you, but an obligation is an obligation, and I don’t make them without some intent to follow through on them.

I need to call my DM and apologize for my “no call, no show” the last two Saturdays. It was just … more convenient to ignore calls to my phone and get away. But that isn’t fair to the rest of the group. I mean, honestly, they didn’t seem all that perturbed when one person or another didn’t show up before: I remember when I’d ask “Where’s what’s-his-name?” “Don’t know.” “Did they call?” “Nope.” “Did you call them?” “Nope.”

I aspire to something better than that. When you get together with a group of people on a regular basis, that becomes the new status quo, even if previously you had nothing … I’m not sure what I’m trying to say. There’s this sense of responsibility that I have to meet, and I need to do it soon. Plus, I need to find out if the group’s going to be meeting any other times this month, or if we’ll be out until next year.