I write Rumors of War with story arcs in mind. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I have so many blog posts at this point that when I searched the words “time skip” and “story arc,” either my search terms were too vague, or I used different words to describe the concepts. Either way, I’ll give this one to you to figure out where I’ve mentioned it before. (Anyone who wants to leave a comment is welcome.)

There are lots of characters and a whole world in the Rumors of War setting, and to a certain degree, the comic is less about the characters and more about the place they live in. Time passes and the characters change. I skip time between story arcs, several months at a time, and each arc, to me, should be like looking in a window to see what’s changed since the last half-dozen chapters. The characters are important but they’re just one part.

I don’t want the world to stop for the characters: flashbacks don’t “pause” the action, they merely fill in “dead time,” or provide a distraction while something else happens off-stage. One of the reasons I like to skip time between story arcs is that it gives the characters something to talk about all the time. They’re talking about their lives and the world they live in. It’s like a time lapse of a fantasy world with occasional pauses.

(di — this is the 400th entry, but will retroactively become the 407th entry once I’ve finished catching up on the ones I missed over the holiday weekend)