I think I know what I want to do for the month of January, insofar as daily writing projects go: I have this Arkham Horror-related project I put on the back burner a while back, which was transcribing the location encounter cards to tables to reduce the overall clutter of the game. I love that the game has many pieces, and I also don’t want all the many, many pieces to get in the way of my enjoyment of the game.

Part of the project isn’t merely transcribing the cards, however, I’m also rewriting the rules text so it makes more sense and is more consistent across the board. It’s sort of an “updated re-release” in my head, with balance and ease of comprehension in mind. Chaotic Shiny as the game is, there’s an element of balance and order to it. It’s still a Mythos game, no doubt, and yet … I want the game to be easier to play.

An encounter is an encounter, for goodness’ sake. It shouldn’t take lots of time to figure out what the encounter is asking of the player, there should be a structure to the thing — a format. Less room for alternate interpretations. It’s a social gaming experience, set and match. The rules are there to facilitate play, not dominate the discussion. So yeah, I need a name for this project. Something suitably cyclopean, eldritch, and abominable.