I’m probably going to be a total goober about this, but Rumors of War has fan art! Many thanks to the lovely Kid-Apocalypse (aka cookiemonger!) for this lovely piece, taken from the first chapter of the comic. Everyone must descend upon her now and either demand to see the piece colored or beg her for commissions. You have your mission, now go! xD

I think one of the things I love most about … er, what’cha callit? well, any art, I suppose, that’s based on sprites: sprites are so, I don’t know, blank-slate. When all you have is the basic colors and shapes, bits of dialogue, actions of the character, what are you left with? The character is a personality and any visual interpretation is left up to the artist.

Cookiemonger and I talked about it a little when she first showed me the piece: she said she focused on the characters’ body language, and drew on their dialogue and interactions. She said a bunch of other stuff and I swear I was trying to pay attention, but I was still exuberant over the idea of anyone doing any fan art for the comic at all.

I’m reminded of some of the things that my comic is missing out on by being in the format it is. I have to remind myself that the reason why I chose the sprite comic format was so I could keep up the kind of schedule I wanted, the one that forced me to think about it and work on it constantly, so I never had the chance to set it down and forget about it.

Still, thinking about Rumors of War in a more traditional style of comic makes me a giddy little goober. Someday, I tell myself. One of these days there may be a print format for Rumors of War. Who knows? And… I’d probably have to rewrite the whole thing.