I made and played my first-ever Changeling the Lost character Monday night. I’ve been trying to help one of my writerly friends design a Changeling adventure — I learned belatedly that we were playing The Lost and not The Dreaming, as I’d originally assumed — and it turns out there’s a difference. I’ve had a couple days to come up with a character concept, and it’s changed around a bit since I first started thinking about it.

I wanted to play a Red Cap P.I. — one who was prone to breaking into people’s places and devouring evidence (Red Caps generally being sharp-toothed gluttons with cast-iron stomachs) but threw out the concept when I discovered our party already had not just a private investigator, but an ogre-type changeling as well. (Now we’ve got two brutes, so we’re pretty well covered, I think.)

My next thought was a character based on Joe Black, the eponymous character of Meet Joe Black, a remake of Death Takes A Holiday wherein Death (played by Brad Pitt) blunders around the mortal world, falls in love, and enjoys the hell out of peanut butter. But then I had this other idea that lurked in the back of my head that I simply couldn’t ignore… I chose the darkling-type “Leechfinger” for spookiness.

The Storyteller wanted some sort of connection between my character’s time of imprisonment in Faerie and his or her powers, and so I worked on this “tax collector” concept. Meanwhile, I was trying to reconcile the idea of the “Death and Taxes” character with this twisted idea of a stripper or call girl who drained people’s life force (not unlike a character from American Gods, hehe).

I’m still working out the details, but the character is Florence Fairweather, a leechfinger stripper of the changeling Spring Court, who uses her powers for love and justice! xD