I actually accomplished a couple things yesterday that give me cause to smile: I added a couple tropes to the Rumors of War TVtropes entry and added wicks that lead back to the main page. I added such illustrious tropes as: Ensemble Cast, Rotating Protagonist, and Soap Wheel. I need some people who actually read the comic and can identify the tropes I use to go in there and add some that are more relevant. I just work here.

I got 200+ referrals from TVtropes in November (180+ in October, 140+ in September) which means that it continues to be (and gets better all the time) one of my best understood methods of getting the webcomic out there. Well, the daily comic updates and regular blog probably help, too. I’m curious if there are other ways to get people coming to the site. USTREAM was suggested, and I remember an audience participation thingy.

Something more in line with working on the comic, though: I finished scripting the first five pages, and I built the first four, so there should be no interruption in updates. I plan to finish the script for Chapter 19 by Friday, on pain of angst, and I plan to have the entire chapter finished by Monday. Then it’s another couple days to finish the Chapter 20 script, and then that bugger’s going to be done by the 13th. I’m going to do this.