I spent a good portion of yesterday planning for the next year of Rumors of War and Gaia’s Revenge, by extension. I’m working with yWriter to find a way to collate my notes in a meaningful way. Last year, I planned out the comic for a whole year in advance, and I plan to do the same thing for next year. I want to make sure everything I write works, without needing too many last-minute changes.

I’d hoped to start sooner on the extensions and side-stories and stuff, and at the same time, I’m glad I waited ’til the end of the year. I’ve had plenty of time for Gaia’s Revenge to gestate while I learned and made mistakes with Rumors of War, and I think as long as I don’t find this whole thing terribly overwhelming, I’ll be able to spin off a new comic in March of 2011. Again, this is a big maybe. It’s what I want but it might be unrealistic.

I’ll still want to do NaNoWriMo next November, as well, which means I’ll need to be careful how I use my time, and then there’s the question of the other comics I wanted to spin-off. Yes, I did just suggest other spin-offs from the comic, and I did mean it with an ‘s’ like plural. When it’s all said and done, I want to have four comics in the Rumors of War ‘verse updating concurrently. I think I’ve got the one well in hand so far.