Yesterday was a full day. I got in a little bit of work, here and there, on the comic, but I don’t anticipate meeting the goal of getting the third script-and-chapter goal done on time, as I’d hoped. Getting the first two done as I did was pretty remarkable, but I need a chance for things to calm done a bit, and I do have some other obligations to meet.

Bits of brainstorming about next year’s stories are finally coalescing into a framework. I have lots of stuff planned out so far, and the next thing I need to do is pen the outline for next year’s stories. I think that made sense. It’s basically what I did last year, but with more organization. It’s weird needing it, with two stories being in agreement.

Last night was the solstice choir performance-y thing, so that’s out of the back of my mind. This weekend I’ve Christmas with cookiemonger and her family to think about, though I’m less worried about that than singing in front of people. (Incidentally, I was in the back of the group, so I probably wasn’t even visible. I was shorter than most of the tenors.)