So, rather than spending most of the day working on the Chapter 19 script like the sensible person I sometimes claim to be, I spent most of the day bleeding ideas for my friend’s Changeling the Dreaming adventure through my fingertips. And all over my nice, clean keyboard, no less! I didn’t get started on the script until well after 9 PM. I still haven’t technically actually started, as of this writing, but it’s the next thing on my list. I swear.

Now, what I did spend a fair portion of the day doing involved creating a document that will most likely prove invaluable in the future (if for no other reason, at least as a template) for creating encounter clusters for my adventures. They’re designed with plenty of white space for making notes and they very clearly mark the boss/miniboss and shortcuts between encounters. I’m really taken with this pentagon system.

Moreover, I’ve taken the original concept, which was primarily for quick-and-dirty dungeon design, and figured out how to apply it to large-scale, abstract adventure design. The encounters for the first part of the adventure are nonlinear to an extent such that the adventure could be run for the several times for the same group with the encounters rearranged, and the story would be different each time.

I keep reminding myself that each time I help out with something like this, I’m gaining valuable experience that I can use later, elsewhere. Not that I mind helping — now, if I could just spend as much time on my own projects as I seem to spend lending a hand to other people, I’m sure I’d rule the world several times over by now. I guess I have to own up to the fact that I’m a nice guy and I’ll never make the Evil League of Evil. >:D