I didn’t feel particularly effective yesterday. I suppose I had some excuses — recovering from the holidays, recovering from the trauma of the evening before, lack of sleep (related to the previous excuse), and so on, and so forth. The thing is, they don’t feel adequate. What am I really doing to let myself down? Why is it I’m just not getting this next chapter done? What is it I’m lacking most?

I just have to make it a few days. Honestly, I did script several pages, I should be able to do something by Monday if I only survive the weekend, but I have plans for tomorrow, and when am I going to have time to build those pages? Maybe I can squeeze some of that in on the bus trip to cookiemonger’s place tomorrow morning? This is tough stuff, guys. I’m not sure what to make of it all.

I’m not especially worried, though. I’ll catch up. I’ll make up for anything I’ve missed. Better late than never, and all that. I’ll make sure the comic gets done, and the pages will go up the same day they’re do, even if I have to mail them in. One way or another, it will get done. A new page every day, that’s how this works!