I finally made some progress after a weekend of goofing off. (I criticize myself perhaps, too sharply, there — I don’t really think I wasted my weekend, I just didn’t accomplish all what I would have liked, given circumstances both within and out of my control.) Yesterday I scripted the first four pages and built one, and that’s what’s going to help me get through the rest of Chapter 20, and into the next one.

I also want to let you know that, as part of my weekend thing (Friday, in fact), I finished character profile-things for the rest of the cast through the second story arc. They’ll show up on the site sometime in the next couple of days, I’m not sure what needs to be done so they’ll show up, just know that they are done and will go online … eventually! >:D

Today, I have the rest of Chapter 20 to work on, scripting and building, and in the evening, I have a rehearsal for a solstice choir-thingy (I keep forgetting what it’s called), which is the last of three-four rehearsals before the performance a week from today. I’ve found myself humming the tunes to some of the songs, and I can actually hear the music in my head when I’m not thinking about it too hard, which is a new phenomenon for me.